Weekdays: 10am to 5pm
Weekends: 10am to 6pm
In effect from 27th May to 17th September


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Weekends: 10am to 5pm
In effect from 18th September to 26th May


The Number 28 Bus serves Cregneash and The Sound from Port Erin and Port St Mary. 
Ample car parking is available for cars and bikes.

The sound of


The Sound, at the very southern tip of the Isle of Man, is a beautiful place to appreciate the Island’s coastal beauty, whether it is on a sunny summer afternoon or a dramatic winter morning. Our cafe offers stunning panoramic views of the Calf of Man and the surrounding countryside, paired with delicious Manx food, indoor and outdoor seating, and a friendly welcome. Try some of our famed Manx seafood or locally sourced mains, followed by a piping hot drink and one of our wide selection of freshly baked cakes and goodies – or maybe a cheeky Davidson’s Manx ice cream – in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

The sound of


Walkers, cyclists, bikers, kayakers, and explorers of all ages come to the Sound to recharge mid-adventure. Footpaths run from the Sound along the stunning Manx coastline, both East to the Chasms and Cregneash hamlet, and West up to Port Erin and Bradda Head. Children love to explore the rocky coast below the cafe, spotting wildlife and studying rock pools before running back for cakes and ice creams, while adults may enjoy the various points of interest to be found within a short walk, including several historical monuments. We welcome sturdy footwear and sticks, leathers and helmets, lycra and camelbaks, wetsuits, and little adventurers in equal measure.

The sound of


For those with an eye for wildlife, the Sound is a wonderful place for the sights and sounds of the flourishing Manx ecosystem. Looking south from the cafe you will see the Calf of Man, a 600-acre nature reserve. The islet is situated on a major migration route and throughout the year is a breeding site for an estimated 33 species of seabird , including the Manx Shearwater, Kittiwake, Razorbill, and Shag, as well as a stopping point for Peregrines, Harriers, and Choughs. Between the Calf and the Sound is the rocky outcrop known as Kitterland, which is a popular sunbathing spot with seals, and the swirling tidal waters of the straight are home to dolphins and basking sharks for parts of the year. Meanwhile, the surroudning grazing land holds the rare Manx Loghtan sheep, with its famed four horned visage, as well as rare cow breeds and working horses.

how to find


The Sound is at the southern tip of the island. From the school crossroads in Port St Mary, head South along Plantation Road and then up the hill via Howe Road. Following that road for about 2.5 miles, through the quiet historic hamlet of Cregneash, it terminates at the Sound car park. Ample car parking is available.

You can also take the Number 28 bus (scheduled for summer 2023), or if you want to get here under your own steam, follow the signs for the Raad Ny Foillan (road of the gull) south from either Port Erin or Port St Mary.